From Farm to Table

About Us

Happy Farm Bali has been established since 2022, becoming one of the most reliable meat distributors in Bali with a strategic location in the heart of Denpasar, Bali. The company operates under the umbrella of PT Hepi Ternak Indonesia and has a strong commitment to providing high-quality imported meat, local meat, and seafood at affordable prices.

As the best meat distributor, Happy Farm Bali imports meat from countries with high standards of animal health and welfare, such as Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, and the United States. Additionally, we source meat from qualified and certified local farms and fisheries. Thus, Happy Farm Bali is able to offer a variety of fresh and frozen meat products such as beef, chicken, water buffalo, salmon, seafood, and more to customers, restaurants, hotels, catering services, supermarkets, and other sectors.

To ensure the quality, freshness, and hygiene of our meat products, Happy Farm Bali has taken innovative steps. We have built a high-tech storage warehouse capable of holding up to 5000 Kg of products. Our delivery system is meticulously planned, equipped with a fleet of refrigerated vehicles, ensuring the condition of the products during extensive delivery journeys.

Happy Farm Bali not only stands out as a meat distributor in Bali but also is committed to evolving into the preferred meat supplier for the people of Bali. We adhere to integrated business principles, operate efficiently, and are relied upon as providers of high-quality halal food products. The company’s mission is to excel in this industry, focusing on customer satisfaction and meeting the needs of business partners.

With delivery services using an efficient and secure logistics system, Happy Farm Bali ensures that our meat and seafood products arrive fresh and on time in the hands of customers. Fast delivery services are available for Denpasar, Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu, Jimbaran, and Nusa Dua areas, while coordination is done beforehand for other areas.

As a distributor and supplier of halal meat in Bali, Happy Farm Bali maintains the highest standards in terms of food safety, cleanliness, and product quality. The company not only understands the importance of health and halal aspects but also consistently acts as a pioneer in maintaining these standards at every stage of production. Thus, Happy Farm Bali becomes one of the best choices for those who prioritize quality in meat consumption on the island of Bali.