Meltique Beef

Meat lovers may have heard of or tried the popular meltique beef. When we look for wagyu, be it in restaurants or fresh markets, we may often find the term meltique along with wagyu. What exactly is meltique, a type of wagyu, another name for wagyu, or another variant of meat? Here’s the explanation.

Meltique beef is beef that goes through a process of injecting vegetable fat to create artificial marbling that resembles wagyu. This technique often uses canola oil from the seeds of the canola flower, which gives it a visual appearance similar to the delicate fatty tissue in real wagyu. The concept was inspired by a French culinary method called “Pique” and was first developed in Japan in 1984.

The process of injecting vegetable fat allows regular meat to have a premium look and texture without the high costs associated with breeding and raising wagyu cows. This makes meltique beef a popular choice in restaurants and meat shops that want to offer high quality meat at a lower price. Meltique beef provides an exciting alternative for consumers who want the tender texture and flavor of wagyu, making it a new favorite in the culinary world.

Meltique Beef Price

Meltique Beef

This innovation has caught the attention of foodies as it provides an eating experience similar to wagyu without the high price tag. Meltique beef is more affordable than real wagyu because the production process is more cost efficient. Price is a key indicator, real wagyu beef is very expensive due to its complex processing and high quality standards. This process does not require expensive production costs so the price of meltique is more affordable, usually around 100 thousand rupiah per kilogram.

The price of meltique beef today is not always the same and stable as it is influenced by various factors. Supply and demand in the market greatly affect price fluctuations. Due to the ever-changing variables, the price of meltique beef cannot be known with certainty from day to day. Traders and consumers should always monitor prices regularly to get accurate and up-to-date information. However, it is clear that the price of meltique beef is generally cheaper than wagyu beef.

So, if you find meat labeled as wagyu at a low price, be questionable. This makes wagyu a premium beef with a high price, while meltique offers a similar alternative at a lower price. If all restaurants chose wagyu for their steaks because of its better quality, the selling price would be very high, perhaps millions of rupiah per serving. To reduce raw material costs, some restaurants choose to use meltique beef instead of wagyu due to the large price difference.

Meltique vs Wagyu Beef

Meltique Beef

While meltique beef replicates the marbling of wagyu beef, it does not come from the original wagyu-producing breeds of cows. In fact, meltique beef is not wagyu, but ordinary beef processed to look and taste like wagyu, but at a more affordable price.

The nutritional content between meltique and wagyu beef is also different. Wagyu comes from Japanese prime cattle breeds that go through a strict breeding process and are high in unsaturated fatty acids and omega 3 and 6. Meltique, on the other hand, is regular beef that goes through a process of injecting vegetable fats, such as canola oil, to create artificial marbling. In terms of texture and taste, wagyu has fine natural marbling and the fat melts away when cooked, giving it a rich and savory flavor. Meltique, while having a soft texture and good flavor, gets its marbling through the injection of plant oil rather than naturally.

Meltique beef, which is made through the process of injecting vegetable fat, has many advantages. The main advantage is the shape of the marbling, which is almost the same as wagyu beef. Because of this, meltique can be used as a substitute for wagyu. Although similar, both meltique beef and wagyu are very different, and both have their own markets.

Meltique Beef Supplier

Meltique Beef


Meat suppliers will generally offer meltique meat as a more affordable alternative for consumers who want a high-quality meat experience without having to pay the high prices of real wagyu beef. Bali meltique beef supplier usually target beef parts such as sirloin and tenderloin for this process, as these parts are suitable for steaks and grills. Suppliers usually distribute their products to restaurants, hotels, and meat shops that are looking for an economical solution to serve meat with premium quality and taste, Happy Farm Bali is one of them.

As a major supplier of Bali meltique beef, Happy Farm Bali actively follows the fluctuations of meat prices in the market, including for the price of Bali meltique beef. The price of Bali meltique beef is not always stable, usually influenced by various factors such as supply, demand, as well as global and local economic conditions. Happy Farm strives to remain competitive and transparent in setting selling prices to consumers, by monitoring price movements regularly. Through a responsive approach to market dynamics, Happy Farm Bali ensures that consumers’ needs for Bali meltique beef remain well supplied.

Happy Farm Bali is a Bali meltique beef supplier, known for its quality products and highly competent service in the field of meat distribution. With a focus on providing high-quality meltique variant beef, Happy Farm Bali or Bali Farm guarantees each piece of meat has a tender texture as well as a great taste. Selective production processes and high hygiene standards ensure that the meat produced is always fresh and healthy. Its strategic location in the center of Bali makes it easier to distribute to various restaurants and big-name hotels on the Island of the Gods. With a commitment to customer loyalty, Happy Farm Bali is the first choice for those looking for the best meltique beef in Bali.