Short plate beef is one of the popular cuts of beef that has many fans worldwide. This cut of meat has a tender texture and rich flavor, making it suitable for various types of dishes, from grilling to braising. In Bali, short plate beef is also a favorite choice for culinary enthusiasts to create delicious dishes.

The distribution of short plate beef in Bali is generally done through several distribution channels involving meat producers, suppliers, and local traders. Most of the short plate beef available in Bali is imported from outside the island, both from other regions in Indonesia and from abroad. This is because Bali is a tourist destination with high demand for various types of meat, including shortplate beef.

Understanding various cuts of beef can help you explore the culinary world, whether to discover the best restaurants or to enhance your cooking experience at home. One of the cuts that should be tried is the short plate, known for its uniqueness and deliciousness rich in nutrients.

We will delve into the details of shortplate beef, from its special characteristics to the best cooking methods to produce the perfect dish. Ensuring the best quality of shortplate beef is important, so it’s essential to buy from a reliable and high quality source. One recommended place is Happy Farm Bali, known for its high quality beef products and friendly service, ensuring that the shortplate beef and other products you prepare are made from fresh and high-quality ingredients.

What is a Short Plate?

Apa itu Short Plate?

This cut of meat is located at the bottom of the rib cage, just above the belly of the cow. Shortplate is one of the most widely consumed cuts of beef, especially in the United States.  Shortplate beef can be served in various forms, such as steak, burgers, or barbecue. The short plate meat is very tender and flavorful due to its high fat content. AUS short plate and US short plate beef are the two most common types of sliced beef. Australian short plate beef is known for its high quality and fatty marbling. The cuts are smaller and differ in cutting standards. Meanwhile, US short plate beef has rich marbling and varying cut sizes. These differences affect the taste, texture, and regulations.

The Different Parts of a Short Plate

For those of you who want to cook it yourself, there are a few parts of the short plate that need to be understood, including:

  1. Brisket: Located at the top of the short plate, brisket is a beef breast muscle that contains a lot of collagen, so it requires a long cooking time to be tender and delicious.
  1. Skirt steak : Located below the brisket, skirt steak is tender and fatty, making it perfect for grilling or as the main ingredient in dishes such as fajitas.
  1. Flank steak: Located on the side of the shortplate, flank steak has a denser texture and less fatty meat than skirt steak, making it suitable for grilling or as a main ingredient in dishes such as stir-fry.

Short Plate Cuisine

In choosing and cooking delicious and simple short plate, here are some tips to consider:

  1. Make sure to select fresh and high-quality short plate cuts.
  2. Pay attention to the cooking method, especially in terms of timing and temperature to ensure the meat is tender and not overly dry.
  3. Don’t forget to add the right spices and seasonings to make the meat more flavorful.

Now that you know how to choose and cook sliced beef, here are some delicious and simple shortplate recipes you can try!

resep shortplate enak dan simpel Happy Farm Bali

  1.  Beef Brisket :You can prepare brisket in the oven by cooking it for a long time at a low temperature. Before cooking, season the meat with garlic, pepper and salt and leave it in the fridge for a few hours to allow the flavors to penetrate the meat.
  1. Beef Fajitas: This dish can be made by cutting the skirt steak into small pieces and grilling or sautéing with spices such as paprika, garlic and cumin. Serve with tortillas, guacamole, and shredded cheese.
  1. Gyudon (Japanese Beef Rice Bowl): Slice shortplate beef and onions. Sauté until the meat changes color. Add a mixture of soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, and ginger. Pour in broth, let it boil. Serve with rice and garnish with green onions.
  1. Steak: Cut shortplate into small steaks and grill them on a hot grill for a few minutes on each side. Season with salt and pepper, then add your favorite steak sauce.
  2. Beef Stew: Cut short plates into small pieces and simmer in beef broth along with vegetables like carrots, potatoes, and onions. Add spices like garlic, paprika, and pepper to enhance the flavor.

Bali Short Plate Beef Distributor

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